Download LEDEdit 2014 - 2020 - 2021 FREE!

How to download LedEdit? which version?

There are many version of Led Edit Software to Download, but we recommend to use the latest version. If you are using old controllers LedEdit 2014 is the best choise for you.

We can also create Effects and Animations especially for you! Custom animations are possible just contact us via email or Facebook! We can create almost every effect you can imagine! Check our Effects database and download free or premium animation in SWF format, works with every LED software that accepts .SWF file extension!

Software to controll your LEDs panels!

LedEdit is a software to create led effects and animations files for your SD Card that was included with your Led Controller! With this program you can create nice animations, but if you need something better that standards effects you have to load .SWF files to your Led Edit, after this you can add them to your led program that will able you to change speed or add some text!

LedEdit 2020 v5.4.2 DOWNLOAD
LedEdit 2019 v4.3 DOWNLOAD
LedEdit 2014 v2.4 DOWNLOAD
LedEdit 2021 v6.9 DOWNLOAD
LedEdit 2014 2019 2020 2021
Pixel Led Software T1000S - T8000 - T4000

LedEdit 2019 / 2020 User Manual PDF

User manual in PDF for LedEdit Software version 2019 and 2020! (Coming Soon!)