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Get free software to programm your Leds.

LedEdit 2020 is now available!

There is also other software for led controllers for free, check our download page!

SWF Effects for LedEdit

We have the best led animations for led controllers.

Check out our store with SWF animations!

They works with led programs that support flash format such as LedEdit or ledEasy.

We also program controllers according to your requirements!


What we do:

Our main service is programming of led controllers.
From placing the layout to the ready program with effects in the .led format ready for SD card.
Also check out our store with the .SWF effects! with the help of which you will create great light animations.

Effects SHOP

Buy the best led animations on the market. Works with LedEdit, LedEasy and others!

Check our Animations library all effects in Adobe Flash Format.

Ideal for DJs, fairs, theme parks and carnivals.

Download Effects
Layout for LedEdit.

We can convert your layout in CAD format for a format available in Led edit e.g. .DXF. If you don't have any files we can do it for you based on your photos.

LED Animations!

Animations specially designed for your project! The possibilities are almost limitless! Effects for banners with letters, signboards, lighting of the led at the fair, rollercosters.
For panels with a large number of LEDs we also make 3D effects.

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NEW! 60 Effects Pack:

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