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SWF Effects for LedEdit

Led Animations for LedEdit 2014 and UP!

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They works with led programs that support flash format such as LedEdit or ledEasy.

We also program controllers according to your requirements!

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Wonderful colorful Pixel LED effects! This great package will allow you to start your adventure in creating LED programs for your controller. It contains 60 unique animations in SWF FLASH format!


Led Edit Effects & Animations

Led effects are files in SWF, TOL or MOV format.

Once loaded into your program, the LED effects will be available in your project.

Now you can record super animations for your project.

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Best & Unique Led Effects

If you are using LedEdit 2014 the flash format is perfect for you.

The SWF format allows animations to adapt to any size, no matter what your layout is, the effects are always full of the project.

Adobe Flash SWF files also give you the possibility to change the speed of the recorded effect.

What is the difference between our files and others?

These files are specially created with LED in mind.

The speed of the animation, colors and resolution will allow you to get the maximum out of your LED controller.