LedEdit 2021 Version 7.4 UPDATE

New version update LedEdit-K V7.4

(1) Fixed the problem that the lamp layout on the software did not match the actual number of lamps when choosing K-1000-RGBWYA\/K-8000-RGBWYA\/K-8000-L-RGBWYA.

(2) Fixed the problem that the first point in the upper left corner is ineffectual when exporting .xdat.

(3) Added .xbin compressed file for the latest cloud downloads.

(4) Add the function that can screen Madrix window.

(5) Replace some problematic .swf files in built-in effects and add some common built-in effects.

(6) Fixed the known bug.

You can update your software or download this version here:

LedEdit-k Version 7.4 DOWNLOAD

Posted in led software, software on Jun 16, 2021

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