Premium Effects #2

Led Edit Effects Download

Premium Effects #1


On our website you will find the latest version of the LedEdit software for programming LED controllers.

LED edit software support:


The version of the program depends on the controller you are using.
If you have any questions or need help, please contact us!

2019 LedEdit-K v4.3DOWNLOAD
2018 LedEdit-K v3.53.1DOWNLOAD
2014 LedEdit v2.4DOWNLOAD

For LedEdit-K 2016 – Change the system date between 2016/Jan – 2017/May

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Led Edit 2019 Effects

The best Pixel LED animations

Thanks to the use of SWF format, our effects are very smooth and you can change the speed of their display. We have a huge library of SWF Effects, where you can find free items and Premium Animations. If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook.

Check out our website and social media.
New effects every week!

Currently in our database there are Abstract Animations and Christmas Effects and we are expanding our premium effects library. Soon there will be animations of animals, dancing women, super 3D effects and much more! Have any suggestions? Please share them with us!

Led Edit Effects premium are available!

Specially designed animations that are available on our website exclusively.

Now each SWF Effects pack for only $3

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What is LedEdit?

LedEdit is a free program that allows you to program the effects for your led panel.
However, its possibilities are limited, our ready-made animations eliminate this problem!
We are able to program every effect you can imagine.
Check our database of effects and SWF animations available for free!

Download LedEdit Software

Led Edit Effects Download
Led Edit Download

To program effects and controllers you need special LedEdit software.
You will find it on our website for free download.
LED edit software support:


Led Edit Download

Premium Effects #2
Premium Effects #1
Merry Christmas Effects
Color Jaws
Color Wave
Honey Color
Blue Grid
Pulse RGB