16x32 Effects For Led Edit Premium Pixel LED #2

16×32 Effects For Led Edit Premium Pixel LED #2

Download Special animations for Led Panel 16×32 Pixel LED 16×32 Effects For Led Edit!

16×32 Effects For Led Edit WORKS WITH LED EDIT SOFTWARE!

This Led Effects are especially for Led Panel with 16×32 Pixels!

This special effects are not on SWF format! They are in .MOV format because of better quality!
If you want to change speed of this effects you have to use online tool that is able to change video playback speed! If you need help there is a tutorial on our website!

Searching for Led Edit Software?

Our animations are perfect for Led Pixel Programming Software like Led Edit, Led Easy, Madrix and more!
Every Led Controller program that will accept Video files in SWF on MOV format is great for our Effects and schould work without problems! If you need another size of animation or you want something special made only for you, contact us by Facebook or white us an email!

Why our Animations?

Answer is very easy, because we have a few years experience in programming and mapping LED controllers, connections and creating animation files for it. We are LED experts so we know what we are doing! Just try our free effects in SWF format to check if everything is working fine!