T8000S Led Controller Software & Infos

Pixel Led Controller - T8000S

T-8000C system features

32—256 Gray, Gamma correction procession software

Combined with video encoding and broadcasting software LedEdit, support rules and specific-shaped handle, and other points, line lights source

Eight-port output, port 512/1024 lights

Playback content stored in SD card, can stand-alone play, also multiple cascades


1. T-8000C port 512 lights, the playback speed of up to 30 frames/sec, the port more than 512 lights, the frame rate with the increase in the number of lights automatically reduced.

When multiple cascades, only the first controller buttons work, followed by sub-control buttons are automatically shielded, at this point can adjust playback file and speed through the first controller

2. At this time the first controller's buttons can control all sub-control keys.


Software to program T-8000S:


For more information, please refer to the instruction manual you can download below.

T8000S PDF Manual