T1000S Led Controller Software & Infos

Pixel Led Controller - T1000S

T-1000S features:

32—256 grade Gray level,Support software Gamma correction.

Support the rules and special-shaped handle.

1 port output,can support 2048 lamp ls.

SD Card control,offline control, the contents of the line control program stored in the SD card..

T-1000S can handle 16 .LED files max.

Files will be stored in the SD Card named as :00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.

Compatible with single line or double line chips. Do not need to connect CLK line when use single line led fixture.


The model T-1000S with one port output, When it run up to 512 pixels the speed can reach 30fps, more than 512 pixels, the frame speed will be slow down automatically

T-1000S works with LedEdit software.


T-1000S Software Pixel LED:


For more information, please refer to the instruction manual you can download below.

T1000S PDF Manual