Download LedEdit Program Free

Download LedEdit Program Free

Here you can download the latest version of LedEdit Free.

Download LedEdit Program Free

2019 LedEdit-K v4.3DOWNLOAD
2018 LedEdit-K v3.53.1DOWNLOAD
2014 LedEdit v2.4DOWNLOAD

The LED Edit software is one of the most popular programs for programming Pixel LED displays due to its ease of use and functionality.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of the program are very wide, which does not prevent us from creating unique and modern animations that are conspicuous!

There are a few different versions of LEDEdit, LEDEdit-K and LED Player.

Generally they have the same features except for a few differences.each version of the software supports a different set of controllers.

Works with controllers listed down below:

The version of the program depends on the controller you are using.
If you have any questions or need help, please contact us!

For LedEdit-K 2016 – Change the system date between 2016/Jan – 2017/May

What to do after download?

Install LED Software on your pc and check our database of effects which are free of charge!

Now we also have new SWF premium effects! Better animations for a small fee!

Need help with the LED software?

Download LedEdit Program Free & Get in touch with us!

We will design your layout and create unique effects especially for you!

We are specialists in creating LED layouts, no matter how complicated it is. Signboards, banners, decorations, Christmas lighting of buildings and parties.
If your project is demanding and you are not satisfied with our premium effects we will create them especially for you! If you are interested please contact us!