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  • How to install Adobe Flash Player in 2021?

    Posted in led software, tutorials on Jan 21, 2021.

    How to install Adobe Flash Player in 2021?

    Are you having problems with ledEdit 2014 or another version?

    The most common problem is that you don't have FLASH animation support installed.

    LedEdit uses animations in SWF format so Adobe Flash Player is needed for Lededit to work.

    Install The "IE" Version First!

    But Adobe will no longer support Flash Player after December 31st, 2020 and the download links for the program have been removed from the manufacturer's website, also New Windows 10 update removes Flash Player from the system!!! So if you are using win 10 download LedEdit 2021.

    Here you ca...

  • LedEdit 2021 Download FREE

    Posted in led software, software on Jan 17, 2021.

    LedEdit 2021 Software

    Configure the T-1000S & Other SD card RGB LED pixel controller. 

    We bring you the newest version of LedEdit software for 2021. What's new? Fixed lots of small bugs, improved SWF effects editor and improved support for Madrix. 

    What is LedEdit? 

    LedEdit is a software to create LED lighting effects and SD card programs. 

    You can control your Pixel Led in any way you like. This software works with the most popular controllers:

     * T-1000 Series * T-8000 Series * K-1000-C  * T-400K * T-500K * T-600K-D * T-700K * T-780K * K-1000 Series * K-8000 Series  

    LedEdit is a great progr...

  • LedEdit 2014 Download FREE

    Posted in led software, software on Jan 14, 2021.

    Download Old LedEdit 2014 Software Full Version.

    LEDEdit 2014 is an old version but still used today because it supports a very large number of controllers and is very stable, its biggest disadvantage is the lack of any effects, only the standard ones are available! So check out our SWF files with the latest Effects!

    Pixel LedEdit 2014 64 BIT & 32 BIT . Work with windows 7 & Windows 10 Software accepts effects in SWF & TOL format.

    You can download Led Edit 2014 Effects here.

    LedEdit Tamil India Pixel Software

    led edit 2014 class not registered? How to Fix?

    Install Adobe Flash Player with Inter...